Learn about the Amnesty guild and some of our members


Amnesty is a group of like-minded, OCE based online gamers looking to make our stake and name known within MMORPGs.

Our guild consists of members who have experience in gaming at a multifaceted level. We have players with extensive experience in a wide range of MMOs and other online communities. Our guild includes dedicated and social players who wish to represent their passion for MMO by taking advantage of the multiple levels of immersive gameplay they offer. Amnesty is led by a council of leaders with further leadership positions available to help guide the guild forward. 

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Below is a short introduction to the current Amnesty Guild Council. It will be updated whenever needed to reflect any changes in leadership in the future.

Atheto Avatar.png

Name: Atheto

MMO Experience: I have over 20 years of MMO experience. I've always been a PC gamer and have always prioritised playing MMOs. I am looking forward to playing the next big MMOs, New World and Ashes of Creation.

Leadership Experience: I remain Amnesty's longest serving council member and have helped to build the guild from the ground up. In my work life I am a clinical lead health professional in a state-wide health service. I am chair for a national clinical user group and have presented and provided clinical expertise on an international level.

I am excited to be able to build relationships, skills and strategies with the guild prior to the launch of New World and Ashes of Creation. Grouping up for all of the pre-launch testing phases and playing a range of game modes while we wait has provided invaluable understanding of each others goals, plans and playstyles. I am always keen to discuss the latest gaming news and theorising about the world of possibilities within Aeternum and Verra.


Name: Naylor


Gaming Experience: I grew up during the DOS and Windows 3.1 era with games such as cat.bat and the commander keen series, eventually experiencing my first true RPG which was Ultima Underworld back in 1992. My first true MMO experience was World of warcraft and I've played many more MMOs such as City of Heroes, FlyFF, Age of Conan, RIFT and Neverwinter.


I joined Amnesty late 2020 with the intent to help out as much as I can so everyone can have a great gaming experience. I've worked in IT for over 15 years, my primary skillset is around administration, communication and troubleshooting which I utilise to help the day to day tasks of the guild.


My current focus is preparing the guild for New world and keeping up to date with Ashes of Creation. I am always happy to have a chat with anyone online or answer any questions people might have about a certain topic in game or about the guild.

Dr Bob Avatar.jpg

Name: Dr Bob

MMO Experience: I am a new school gamer that got hooked on my first serious MMORPG, Old School Runescape. I have grinded over 10,000 hours in OSRS and have achieved the top 0.1% of players in the race to max level in global tournaments 2 years running. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of efficiency and theory crafting while understanding the importance of succeeding as part of a larger community.


Leadership Experience: I have formerly been a staff member in OSRS’s largest raiding community with over 50,000 members. I have mentored over 2000 players on Runescape’s hardest raids and quickly learnt the importance of leading with positive reinforcement, precision and patience. I never miss a moment to celebrate a teammates newfound understanding or improvement in skill.

Outside of gaming I am currently completing a degree in Computing Science with a major in Data and AI. I also work in a large tech company as a specialist in cloud computing. I use my strengths in business relations, analytics, coding and management to serve the guild. My key areas of contribution are bots, data and management strategy. I look forward to fighting alongside you in New World and Ashes of Creation.