Learn about the Amnesty guild and some of our members


Amnesty is a group of like-minded, OCE based online gamers looking to make our stake and name known within MMORPGs.

Our guild consists of members who have experience in gaming at a multifaceted level. We have players with extensive experience in a wide range of MMOs and other online communities. Our guild includes dedicated and social players who wish to represent their passion for MMO by taking advantage of the multiple levels of immersive gameplay they offer. Amnesty is led by a council of leaders with further leadership positions available to help guide the guild forward. 

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Below is a short introduction to the current Amnesty Guild Council. It will be updated whenever needed to reflect any changes in leadership in the future.

Atheto Avatar.png

Name: Atheto

MMO Experience: I have over 10 years of MMO experience. I've always been a PC gamer and have enjoyed playing MMOs. I am looking forward to playing the next big MMO, Ashes of Creation.

Leadership Experience: I have been an officer in several MMORPG guilds and have always enjoyed the added responsibility. In my work life I am a clinical lead health professional in a statewide health service. I am chair for a national clinical user group and have presented and provided clinical expertise on an international level.

I am excited to be able to build relationships with the guild prior to AoC launch. I think it will help us all work together as a close-knit unit by understanding each others goals, plans and playstyles well in advance. I am always searching for reliable information about the game straight from the Sandal God's mouth, but do enjoy spending time theorising about the world of possibilities within Verra. #Send Nodes 3

Kleinature Avatar.png

Name: Kleinature (Klein)


MMO Experience: Spent a lot of my younger years in Runescape, however got into other games such as TERA, Wildstar, Runes of Magic and GW2.


I originally joined Amnesty back in August 2018. Since then I have been participating in guild events and helping out where needed. I have built up a positive rapport with many of our current members. As a forward thinker, I will be assisting our other council members with new ideas, as well as being part of the major decision-making to further grow our guild.


Professionally I work for a leading builder in NSW, helping people build their dream homes off the plans. I have also managed my own property portfolio from a young age. On a personal level I enjoy content creation, whether that is creating videos for Ashes of Creation or simply streaming my favourite games on twitch.


I have been following Ashes of Creation since it's original Kickstarter and have been part of all testing phases thus far (including alpha 0). Being part of the testing periods before launch will be a necessity to get the upper hand on other guilds. We will understand the mechanics of most systems on a deeper level and utilise our knowledge in the most efficient manner possible. Looking forward to getting server first achievements with the guild.