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Find out more about the Amnesty guild leadership positions & responsibilities


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Summary of role: The Guild Council has a responsibility to oversee the guild's personnel, finances, operations, logistics and development. The council has final say on all issues pertaining to guild administration, procedures and strategy when consensus cannot be reached amongst officers or members. Governance is shared amongst all council members.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Establish a clear vision, direction and focus for the guild, the guild's active node/s and guild castle/s
- Ensure sustainable and efficient operations and processes
- Establish a fair and transparent guild financial system to raise funds for both short term and long term guild development and growth activities
- Establish a fair and transparent guild financial contribution system that will allow the guild to direct a percentage of its resources toward identified goals or needs that will
- Identify and promote active, skilled and knowledgeable players into leadership positions
- Review leadership positions at regular intervals to ensure active, appropriately skilled and knowledgeable guild members are filling these roles
- Provide an avenue for all members to submit questions, suggestions and constructive feedback
- Develop and enforce behavioural standards for all guild members
- Conduct guild meetings with section leads and the guild as appropriate
- Delegate duties to guild chiefs/leaders/members as required
- Assist with all leadership duties as required

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Reports to: Guild Council
Staff: Information Officer, Quest Officer

Summary of role: The Intelligence Chief is responsible for collecting, compiling and analysing the actions of guild enemies and allies; events happening in the locality of the guild’s node; details regarding surrounding node environments; quest information; and market information. They will ensure the guild's incoming information is reliable and current, and all outgoing information is succinct, suitable for public announcement and respectful of the intended parties.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Maintain a detailed map of the guild node and surrounding nodes
- Liaise with Artisan Chief regarding areas suitable for specific artisan gathering skills, and areas with active resource points
- Create and maintain an information network of players / alts in order to: regularly collect and compile market prices for the Trade Officer; investigate and report rival caravan schedules and routes for the War Chief; monitor and report possible aggression against guild property; infiltrate rival guilds.
- Create a culture of active investigation and reporting of points of interest among the roaming questers and explorers.
- Provide up to date information regarding the movements and actions of competing and surrounding guilds
- Monitor for espionage and establish a counterintelligence plan as required
- Provide recommendations to the Intelligence Chief regarding safe and expedient options for trade/caravans
- Provide guild members with information pertaining to difficult or challenging quests, events, etc
- Ensure guild plans/operations are shared with appropriate guild members at an appropriate time
- Additional tasks as they arise

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Reports to: Guild Council

Staff: Raid Officer, Dungeon Officer

Summary of role: The Raid Chief is responsible for maintaining, training and organising the guild’s PvE corps to ensure an active, knowledgeable and well-coordinated PvE combat department.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Identifying, promoting, and training competent PvE players into officer positions
- Identify and promote active, skilled PvE and PvP players into PvP leadership positions appropriate for times of war
- Liaison with the War Chief to better prepare the guild for war-time duties
- Establish and implement training methods targeted at teaching mechanics and pitfalls within PvE content
- Assign class mentors for the purpose of improving performance, knowledge and flexibility across archetypes
- Liaise with Guild Ambassador regarding recruitment of key PvE roles
- Set clear targets and standards for performance
- Create schedules suitable for all members and their time zones
- Develop and oversee a robust system of pre-raid checks
- Monitor and enforce minimum performance and gear standards
- Analyzing successes and failures, and creating strategies to ensure future success
- Conduct meetings pre-raids/world events and debriefing afterwards as appropriate
- Conduct all roles of a raid leader when required
- Create and maintain a loot distribution system
- Keep accurate attendance and loot records
- Implement a minimum standard requirement for consumables and buff/debuff
- Encourage PvE players to explore PvP aspects of the game to build mutual respect of PvP players
- Encourage PvP players to join dungeon and raiding parties
- Develop and enforce behavioural standards for all PvE content
- Raise guild prestige via victory, fair play and clear ethical standards
- Liaise with other guild chiefs and officers
- Additional tasks as they arise



Reports to: Guild Council
Staff: Recruitment Officers, Community Manager

Summary of role: The Guild Ambassador is responsible for cultivating a cohesive, respected, knowledgeable and well-staffed guild across all aspects of the game.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Develop and maintain guild alliances
- Provide envoy support to PvP leads to maximise siege offense/defense capabilities
- Address conflicts amongst guild members or between guilds
- Recruit new members to ensure the guild maintains full capabilities across all aspects of the game
- Provide new members with  pertinent guild information
- Inform guild or section leaders of new members with specific interests or skill sets
- Oversee guild behaviour across internal and external Discord or forums
- Ensure guild members remain up to date with guild competitions/raffles/events, as well asin-gamee events
- Additional tasks as they arise

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Reports to: Guild Council
Staff: Trade Officer, Guild Financier

Summary of role: The Chief Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the guild's financial management, working closely with the guild council to safeguard the guild's finances, whilst providing a profitable and sustainable economic plan.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Establish and maintain viable trade routes
- Develop profitable trade links with neighbouring nodes
- Audit trade routes to inform benefit vs risk assessment
- Maintain active guild members in all available markets and shop fronts in the guild node
- Establish a guild stock market and real estate portfolio, and assist guild members in developing their own financial strategy
- Oversee incoming and outgoing guild bank transactions
- Inform guild members regarding maximisation of sale prices and minimisation of purchase costs
- Educate guild members about maximising daily financial intake
- Provide financial support to the guild council as the node requires ie taxation
- Additional tasks as they arise

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Reports to: Guild Council 

Staff: Siege Officers, Caravan Officers


Summary of role: The War Chief is responsible for maintaining, training and organising the guild’s PvP corps in order to be an effective and efficient fighting force, as well as to coordinate and manage PvP players within the guild.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Identify, promote, and train competent PvP players for officer positions
- Identify and promote active, skilled PvE and PvP players into PvP leadership positions appropriate for times of war
- Liaise with the Raid Chief to better prepare the guild for war-time duties
- Assign class mentors for the purpose of improving performance and developing competence across archetypes
- Liaise with Guild Ambassador regarding recruitment of key PvP roles
- Hold skirmishes/duels/arena combat to practice and improve tactics and strategies, whilst developing the leadership ability of PvP officers
- Explore and refine offensive and defensive strategies for all types of PvP combat
- Establish bounty hunting parties
- Encourage PvP offensive and defensive participation on caravan runs organised by the guild
- Monitor PvP members that participate in caravan escort/guard duties and compensate as required
- Facilitate PvP ‘clear & defend’ participation for gathering runs to contested resources
- Provide a PvP escort for PvE combat/events as required
- Encourage PvP players to explore PvE aspects of the game to build mutual respect of PvE players
- Encourage PvE players to join PvP squads in arenas, caravan assaults, and ‘clear & defend’ expeditions
- Liaise with the Guild Ambassador regarding appropriate responses to ganking and griefing of guild members
- Develop and enforce behavioural standards for all PvP content
- Raise guild prestige via victory, fair play and clear ethical standards
- Liaise with other guild chiefs and officers
- Additional tasks as they arise

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Reports to: Guild Council
Staff: Gathering Officer, Production Officer, Crafting Officer

Summary of role: The Artisan Chief is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the guild's artisan management working closely with the guild council to ensure the guild is prepared for combat through utilisation of the crafting process, as well as maximising the guild's economic potential from on selling.

Duties and responsibilities:
- Maintain officers across gathering, processing, and crafting
- Ensure the guild establishes masters across all key roles
- Establish a list outlining guild members trained in specific roles
- Outline specific recipes, including low drop rate or difficult to obtain recipes, that guild members should work towards
- Ensure guild members maximise artisan progression through use of freehold structures
- Educate guild members regarding freehold or node buildings that should be used synergistically
- Maintain a market awareness regarding prices of specific artisan components in conjunction with the Chief Treasurer
- Liaise with PvE and PvP leaders regarding crafted items, including gear or consumables, essential to maintaining minimal gear requirements and required buffs for group content
- Liaise with PvP leaders regarding travel across necessary trade routes
- Maximise efficiency of the guild's artisan supply chain
- Liaise with Chief Treasurer regarding the purchase of cheap artisan componentry for use in the crafting process, and selling of surplus artisan items
- Establish a list of components required to progress guild members' artisan skills or complete crafted items
- Additional tasks as they arise

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